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Pathfields Medical Group is made up of a range of healthcare professionals who help you with your health needs. Our friendly and helpful team are here to help you manage your health and wellbeing, and make sure you have access to healthcare services in the local area. Meet our team below.

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Dr Jillian Denovan

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I was born and raised in Scotland and graduated from Dundee University in 1998. I moved to the Southwest and undertook my GP training completing this in Plymouth .I joined Pathfields Practice as a GP Partner in 2008. I have also spent time working abroad in Australia and New Zealand.

I am passionate about patient care and safety. I am a patient safety officer for the South West Academic Health Network and a member of the Q community for patient safety. I am the prescribing lead for the practice and overview our quality improvement work.

I am a keen educator and currently supervise the training of medical students and newly qualified doctors.

I enjoy working as a family GP for the variety and the relationships built up over time with patients and their families. My specialist interests are Women’s Health, Care of Older People and End of Life Care .

Dr Gerard ‘t Hart


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I studied at Maastricht, The Netherlands in 1995. I then went on to train in Great Yarmouth, completing my training in 1999. I then worked as a civilian in the Royal Navy before joining Pathfields in 2002 as a GP Partner.

I have a special interest in Dermatology, Diabetes and Functional Illnesses. I enjoy training medical students within the Practice and occasionally run Minor Op clinics and administer muscle based injections.

I am a big football fan, and also enjoy reading, walking and history.

Dr Nick Burdett


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I joined Pathfields in December 2016 having worked in a small GP practice in Plymouth as a GP partner since year 2000. I started my GP training back in 1994 on the local vocational GP scheme in Plymouth and have stayed in the area since then as I love working in this area. I originally trained in London and have been qualified 25 years qualifying as a doctor from the Royal Free Medical School in London.

Armada surgery merged with Pathfields in late 2016 to become now one of the biggest practices in Plymouth. I very much welcome the challenges of working in a much bigger organisation. I have a special interest in adult mental health having worked for Devon Partnership Trust for a number of years as a staff grade specialist part time whilst also doing my GP work at that time. I have now left this organisation but will continue to maintain my interest in the diagnosis and treatment of adult mental health disorders working with my colleagues in both primary and secondary care locally alongside my usual day to day GP work.

When I am not at work I enjoy relaxing with my family walking our dogs on the moors or spending time in our caravan in Cornwall near a local surfing beach

Dr Maria Williams


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I qualified from Peninsula Medical School in 2007 before training and working in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

I completed my GP training in 2016 and have worked at Beaumont Villa Surgery since then.

At work I enjoy supporting my colleagues with their health and wellbeing. I have a growing interest in supporting our Transgender patients and am passionate about levelling up health care for our more vulnerable and marginalised patient groups.

I enjoy a hectic home life with 3 children and a number of pets including a dog, 4 cats and a Bearded Dragon!

Dr Michelle Earley


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Originally from Portsmouth, I attended Birmingham medical school graduating in 1996. I worked in the West Midlands and Australia before settling in Plymouth. I have joined Pathfields since 2001.
I am interested in staff and practice

Dr Melissa Lemon


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I qualified as a Doctor in 2005 from Southampton University. I worked in Portsmouth as a Junior Doctor for 5 years before I decided to return home to Devon, where I grew up. I enjoy all aspects of general practice but have a specialist interest in women’s health and family planning. I am also in the process of becoming a GP trainer.

Dr James Boorer


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I qualified from Bristol University in 2003 and initially embarked on a surgical career spending time in some major London hospitals and teaching at Oxford University. I moved to the South West in 2007 for higher surgical training. Soon after I met my wife who was a GP trainee and she convinced me to change my career direction – something I’ve never regretted.

I believe that a good GP listens to their patients and understands their concerns and worries. A good GP then works with their patients on shared understanding towards a diagnosis and management plan. Patient’s rarely leave my consulting room without some paper work explaining their condition so they can understand what the problem is and how it’s managed.

I have a real interest in functional disorders and chronic pain and I believe that by and large these conditions are best managed non-medically. If you have an open mind and are interested in reducing your pain whilst also reducing your morphine based medications please do book in to see me. You may be interested to watch my favourite YouTube video first – it’s about pain and how tricky the mind can be when it comes to pain – the chap who presents it is a professor of neuropsychology and a real hero of mine! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr David Attwood


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I am a GP with a specialist interest in Older People, particularly in change management surrounding their proactive and unplanned care. I have worked as a GP in the hospital, community services and primary care and have a deep appreciation of the need for novel solutions, transcending all health providers, built around the needs of older people.

I am a senior board member at the British Geriatrics Society, a national body that produces some excellent policy work on older people.

I am also a bit of a computer geek – we GP’s have a great IT system and I like playing around with it so that we can offer our patients the best possible care. We are currently using to good effect in patients living in care homes and (with the patient’s permission) creating care plans and sharing them with out of hours teams. This means that if there are ever any problems – even in the middle of the night – our patients will be well known to the teams involved and can receive the best possible care.

This is just one of lots of interesting developments going on in our surgery so watch this space! So if you, or someone you know are over 65 years of age and suffering with memory problems, are slowing up, or just feeling a bit lonely, please get in contact- we want to support you to be as happy and healthy as you can be in older life!

Dr Tony Golding-Cook

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After initially training as a scientist, I qualified from the University Of Southampton Medical School in 1988.

Now, after many years as a GP partner, I am a semi-retired / part-time associate within the Practice.

My main roles are educating and encouraging doctors who are training to be GPs, primary care surgery and joint injections, although I do still undertake some clinics and on-line consultations.

I also have a particular interest in pre-hospital emergency medicine and respond with the Ambulance Service to assist in the care of critically ill and injured patients.

Details can be found at

I live with my wife on Dartmoor, where my passions include wild-swimming, walking, meditation and tai chi.

Dr Steve Ward-Booth

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I finished medical school 1997 and GP training 2002 – both in Leicester. After 2 years there as a GP and endoscoping people, I came to Plymouth for a few months in 2004 and never left. I love general practice because it is the only specialty that really understands the complexity of illness. I was frustrated that so many of my patients had real and severe illnesses for which the simplistic medical model of pathology (disease) gave little explanation nor treatment strategy: Blood tests and scans showed nothing, tablets and operations – generally no help. A lot of reading, plus conversations with people cleverer than me, has helped to develop an understanding of the real (but currently difficult to measure and partially understood) changes in nerve and hormone functions that underpin many people’s physical symptoms; as well as the importance of past experiences, current stress and behavioural responses in driving these changes. We are long way from having all the answers, but i feel like the Functional Illness service we’ve set up in Pathfields is a good step in the right direction.
I’m married with 2 kids and I like running on the moor and playing guitar in a covers band. I am a GP trainer in the practice and work one day a week as training programme director on the Plymouth GP training scheme.

Dr Delphine Watwood

Dr Yukiko Gresswell

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I studied medicine at King’s college London, qualifying in 2003. I worked in central London for 10 years and then Bristol for 3 years before moving to Plymouth. I enjoy all aspects of general practice with a particular interest in sports medicine, women’s health and fitting and removing coils and implant contraception’s.