Sleepio - Digital Sleep-Improvement Resource

Sleepio is a six-week digital sleep-improvement program which the NHS provides for free to all adults in England over 18 years old. 

What is Sleepio?

Sleepio is a six-week digital sleep-improvement program. It has been designed by sleep expert Prof Colin Espie and features the latest cognitive and behavioural techniques. It is clinically proven to help a person fall asleep faster, stay asleep through the night and feel better during the day – whether they’ve had poor sleep for weeks, months or even years. The whole course takes place online via a computer, tablet or mobile app. 

What does Sleepio involve?

The core program consists of six weekly sessions in which your virtual sleep expert, “The Prof” talks you through techniques personalized to you. Each session lasts about 20 minutes, and is tailored to your progress and problems. Between sessions you complete a simple online Sleep Diary to track your progress and are sent reminders to help you stick to the course. Throughout the course you are supported by a community of other users, ten powerful online tools (including relaxation audios) and a library of over 100 expert articles.